Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You can have my sister

This week Aiden is in Vacation Bible School at Temple Terrace United Methodist. The Craggs and the bertics and several others from our church are attending also. Aiden is in Jerry's class and Mrs Tara is one of their teachers. SHe has been filling me in on how he does. Well yesterday they learned about God gives us the power to be thankful. So they asked every one name one thing that scares you and Adien said the dark. Then they asked name one thing you are thankful for and he said his lamp. He really does sleep with a table lamp on. I don't know how he does it because it is like sunlight in his room.

Today they learned that god gives us the power to be helpful. I was talking to Tara and she said they asked how can you help and one little boy said he could help his brother and Aiden said I have  a Kylie (that is his sister). As we were walking in this morning I told Aiden you have to pick out the stuff animals and books you want to give away and Aiden replied We can give Kylie away.

Kids says the funniest things. He truely does adore his sister and he must miss her.


with3blessings said...

Aiden is tooo sweet. He is doing such a GREAT job at VBS>

mattandrachelhires said...

So cute! Oh how I miss those two :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute!
Love your new blog. :-)
I just blogged about VBS too.