Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First few days in the world of home schooling

Yes I am blogging don't all scream at once. I know it has been a while but I am here now.
This week Aiden has started preschool. It is going well. I was a bit anxious, because for a while now I have been preparing for this moment and it is here. So sunday night I felt like it was my first day of school. The wonderful part of this year is that it is like my practice year. it is important he learns some things but next year is when it really begins. I feel like when I first learned to ride a bike. You are a little wobbly at first till you get the hang of it. I have had such great support and guidance.
At first Aiden said no I am not going to school. He thought he was going to an actual school. It took him two days to realize he was not going anywhere. It is amazing you can truely make school out of almost anything. Today for math also we sorted, counted made letters and numbers out of a bag of starburst I had. He had a blast. It was really cool monday my mom and sister called and said how was school and then my aunts came over and said Aiden how was school what did you learn. It was a good feeling to have family support. Well good bye for now I will keep you updated with our schooling.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You can have my sister

This week Aiden is in Vacation Bible School at Temple Terrace United Methodist. The Craggs and the bertics and several others from our church are attending also. Aiden is in Jerry's class and Mrs Tara is one of their teachers. SHe has been filling me in on how he does. Well yesterday they learned about God gives us the power to be thankful. So they asked every one name one thing that scares you and Adien said the dark. Then they asked name one thing you are thankful for and he said his lamp. He really does sleep with a table lamp on. I don't know how he does it because it is like sunlight in his room.

Today they learned that god gives us the power to be helpful. I was talking to Tara and she said they asked how can you help and one little boy said he could help his brother and Aiden said I have  a Kylie (that is his sister). As we were walking in this morning I told Aiden you have to pick out the stuff animals and books you want to give away and Aiden replied We can give Kylie away.

Kids says the funniest things. He truely does adore his sister and he must miss her.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Did someone say ice cream

Is this not the cutest. This is one of the few tender moments and boy do I hold on to them. My kids love ice cream and ice pops, but ice cream on a cone. Well lets just say that is one of the quietest moments in our house. When aiden is done you can know for sure he was eating ice cream. Kylie on the other hand takes her time and leaves no evidence. Adien loves ice cream and ice pops so much, that just last week he was sick with a bad sore throat and could not eat much so the nice mommy that I am let him has a ice pop and ice cream feast. To where a few days have pass and I asked Aiden how are you feeling and he said bad mommy my throat hurts, can I have an ice pop,sure you can. Well I finally asked him Aiden your throat still hurts he said yes mommy. I said well then we have to take you to the hospital because you just are not getting better and he said no mommy it feels better. That little booger tried to pull one over on me.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Praise The Lord

Well another no show for Heather. She did not call by 5 today to confirm her visit with Kylie for tomorrow. Thank you Jesus. It is just so hard for all of us but so much for Kylie. It is amazing to see God at work with this whole situation. I think things are going so smoothly that something has to give. That is just my insecurity. Kylie is ours and that is that.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I am Officially a Blogger

I can't believe it I am a blogger now. Thanks to my wonderful friend Tara B. She has encouraged me and has helped me the all the setting up and decorating. I am not very computer savvy at all. I can google all day long but that is about it. I love reading all my friends blogs. It seems like such an outlet to express your day or how you are feeling. Then you friends can comment. It is almost like talking on the phone with them.