Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I am Officially a Blogger

I can't believe it I am a blogger now. Thanks to my wonderful friend Tara B. She has encouraged me and has helped me the all the setting up and decorating. I am not very computer savvy at all. I can google all day long but that is about it. I love reading all my friends blogs. It seems like such an outlet to express your day or how you are feeling. Then you friends can comment. It is almost like talking on the phone with them. 


with3blessings said...

YAAAAAHHHOOOOOOO! I am so glad you have joined the blogging world!

Blooming Where We're Planted said...

You go girl!

Donna said...

I can't believe it...I love the name!
love you,
Mama D

Paige said...

Hey Tara,
Glad to see you in blogger world.
We need to catch up. When you can check out the blog I am contributing to with Pat Layton
Call when you can.
Miss you,

Teresa said...

YEAH!!! Lookin' Good!!

Twila said...

You go girl!!!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Say what! I can't believe my eye...hehee I'm glad you did it my friend. Love ya lots!!!!